“Not a king, a lion” Limited edition fine art print

Lion fine art print (1 of 100)

This limited edition A1-sized Giclée fine art print of a lion by Geoffrey Lignon is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, before being relief stamped with the Rigby logo. Geoffrey has tried to purvey the African animal in its true form by studying numerous photos to understand how its mane flowed before setting about drawing the animal, which has taken 70 hours to complete.

The artist wanted to capture the powerful and respected charisma of the African wild lion by offering a direct contact with the soul of this majestic beast.

Geoffrey’s technique for creating this print is unique, using a black board and a white gel pen, with three black pencils to draw the animal, saying it wasn’t a technique he had seen before, but it provided striking results.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

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