“Majestic” Limited edition fine art print

Lioness fine art print (1 of 50)

With “Majestic”, Geoffrey Lignon captures the essence of true nobility that sets the lioness apart from other beasts. Rigby’s artist-engraver shows how she bares her many burdens with pain, silence and unshakeable dignity. As caring as she is fearless, as intelligent as she is powerful, she is the true strength of the pride. Without her, it would have no future. “She is the sine qua non to the pride’s survival,” says Geoffrey, “She is its armed arm and its legacy depends on her.”

Only 50 of these exquisite A3 giclée prints have been made. Each one has been signed and numbered by the artist and stamped with Rigby’s iconic logo. All prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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