Jim Corbett limited edition bronze sculpture

Jim Corbett bronze sculpture (1 of 8)

Artist Jenna Gearing was commissioned to depict a scene featuring Corbett, who most famously explored and conquered the Indian hunting scene, for the first in a series of ‘Rigby Heroes’.

The sculpture reflects the Chowgarh Man-Eater oil painting by renowned wildlife and hunting artist David Southgate. The painting, which was based on one of Corbett’s fascinating stories, shows the hunter aiming his .275 Rigby at one of the notorious man-eating tigers. The story goes that the famous huntsman was within eight paces of the killer animal after bending down to retrieve eggs on the ground. Following a successful confrontation, Corbett returned the eggs to their rightful nest.

To commemorate the commissioning of the eight sculptures, Rigby shot the world-famous .275 Corbett rifle eight times before retiring it forever. Each bullet casing from these final eight shots has been placed at the front of the eight editions to signify the link between the rifle, the sculpture and Jim Corbett himself, highlighting the importance of his legacy and Rigby’s respect for the renowned hunter.

Jenna Gearing commented: “The sculpture was quite tricky to do because it is so fine – I used needles to get the detail on Corbett’s face. I really enjoy creating a sculpture like this, that tells such a beautiful story especially when there is such history behind it. I’m a hunter myself, so I know what Corbett means. To share the enthusiasm for his story was really rewarding.”

Each sculpture is mounted on a piece of black granite.

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