“Dik-dik” Limited edition fine art print

Masterfully crafted by Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon, dik-dik captures the essence of the small antelope with precision and grace.

Limited to just 25 prints, each giclée print measures A4 in size and is surrounded with a 1.5cm white border and a 7cm bottom border. Each print comes personally hand-signed and numbered by the artist, ensuring exclusivity and authenticity, with the Rigby logo stamped in relief.

Drawing against a black board using a white gel pen and pencils, the artist’s unique technique really brings the dik-dik to life. Despite the antelope’s modest size, the aim of the artwork is to delve into the remarkable survival instincts of these creatures, navigating environments teeming with predators, both large and small.

The dik-dik’s unique features, notably its distinctive nose, is meticulously portrayed, capturing the essence of these fascinating creatures. Elevate your art collection with “Dik-dik,” an exceptional testament to the harmony between art and nature.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

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£ 120.00

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