“Burning Sage” Limited edition bronze sculpture

This piece depicts a large, mature mule deer buck in mid-stride in the classic “stotting” bounce that muleys are known for. Montana-based artist Kasey A. Nixon wanted to capture the effortless levitating ability that these deer seem to possess as they cross the rugged western terrain. Old muley bucks are a much different animal than their younger counterparts, and for many, the only glimpse you are likely to get, is as he is leaving the country in the fashion of this sculpture. The title holds multiple meanings, with the old buck moving so quickly, it is as if he might light a fire beneath his feet as he bounds over the sagebrush. Old bucks such as this one are like spirits, here one moment and gone the next, leaving their pursuer in a state of mind for which the only cure might be to burn sage to get rid of the haunting memories of the giant that slipped through their fingers.

Sculpture dimensions: 20″ x 10″ x 22″ (L x W x H).

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