Burning Bright

A novel based on the adventures of Jim Corbett by Harnihal Singh Sidhu

The man-eating tiger has speed, agility, muscle power, lightning reflexes and a ferocious killer instinct. It weighs 500lb. The man has a cool head, a sure eye, a rifle and two brass cartridges. He weighs only 160lb. The tiger growls, bursts out of the long grass, and launches itself… This was the drama that played out in the life of the legendary writer and conservationist, Jim Corbett, on several occasions. For him, the hunt was not for the prestige of being a famous shikari – but to save lives when a man-eater was on the rampage.

Born in Kumaon, Corbett grew up in the jungle. He was well versed with its laws, and he understood its language. This hunter of the man-eaters went on to become a die-hard conservationist, working to preserve and promote the majestic tiger. He harboured a great love for India and its people – of all castes and creeds, which is evident through all his writings.

In a novel inspired by Jim Corbett’s life and writings, author and conservationist, Harnihal Singh Sidhu tells the epic tale of India’s most famous tiger hunter and conservationist. Corbett’s journey was a difficult one, with moments of wild joy, suffering and heartbreak. Published in paperback, Burning Bright is not a biography, a formal history or an academic study, it is a gripping tale told by a charmed storyteller, based on the life of a great man. Sometimes, the shortest road to the clearest view runs through the land of fiction.

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