“Border Patrol” Limited edition canvas print

Step into the unique world of the African savannah with this collection of limited-edition canvas prints, available exclusively from Rigby Art. These striking prints are meticulously reproduced from an original oil on canvas masterpiece titled “Border Patrol”, painted by the award-winning Scottish based artist Justin Prigmore.

This painting gives you a front-row seat at a compelling scene as a dominant male lion patrols the perimeter of his territory, scanning the surroundings for threats and opportunities alike. Justin conveys the tension perfectly, with a nearby herd of zebra stamping and milling nervously at the lion’s movement while a scattering wildebeest keep a close eye on this predator in his prime.

The lion is deliberately the master of this painting, with the creature’s vivid golden orange eye picked out in perfect detail by the artist. The prey animals and lush vegetation providing much-needed shade for them are in softer focus, while eagle-eyed observers will spot a pair of Blacksmith plovers too, pecking at the dirt and seemingly unruffled by the activity around them.

Standard edition canvas prints (1 of 50): 25 x 40-inches.

Deluxe edition canvas prints (1 of 10): 30 x 48-inches.

Each canvas print will be stamped, hand-numbered and signed by the artist.

Please note framed prints are only available to order within the UK, due to shipping. Shipping costs will vary depending on your location and will be calculated after ordering. For a shipping quotation, email sales@johnrigbyandco.com.

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