Press Release: 31 December 2018

Legendary African Professional Hunter John Sharp has released a new book crammed with campfire tales of his adventures.

‘Facing Down Fear’, which comes in soft and hardback, details in 336 enthralling pages a lifetime of experiences from across the continent – from the Orange Free State to Cape Town in South Africa to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and east Africa. Readers are also taken on a journey of discovery through Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana before returning to Zimbabwe.

The fascinating memoir chronicles the people and dogs who travelled with Sharp and explains how he came to learn that facing down fear – of danger, of pain, of failure, of loss – can lead to a rich and rewarding life. The book is also a story of the author’s love for Africa and his desire to see it preserved for future generations.

For the past two decades, the principal tool of Sharp’s trade has been a Rigby rifle. His trusty companion has been so integral to his career and features in so many of his tales that John Rigby & Co.’s managing director Marc Newton was invited to write the foreword for the book.

He said: “I warmly recommend John’s book to all those who are passionate about hunting. His career spans a turbulent period of Africa’s history and his story is a fascinating one, told candidly from the view point of a man at the sharp end of the hunting industry.”

“The stories he shares in this book inspire us at Rigby. We are proud that the rifles we made in the past have served men like John Sharp so faithfully and continue to do so almost a century after they left the factory.”

Author John Sharp added: “Throughout my career of adventure across Africa I never stopped learning. Writing this book was a great way for me get down in black and white everything I have learned on what has been a fascinating adventure.  I hope my story can act inspire those who share my passion for our sport and for conservation in Africa.”

RRP: £195, $250 USD, €220 (hardback); £49, $60 USD, €55 (soft back).