Remember the days when you need to stand in endless lines to buy medications? Well, these days are gone. We present to you the rating of the best UK pharmacies which have an online delivery option as well as affordable prices.

1. MedExpress
Rating: 4.9 (1497 reviews)

“Returned a walker my mom rented, and everyone was really nice, and it was very easy to return it. Very friendly, personal & helpful. Plus, MedExpress saved me money on my last prescription by finding a copay card.”

“Pharmacy customer service is often horrid! The wait lines are typically so bad that I do my med’s on the phone with home delivery. They always seem short-staffed. I have encountered so many slow, unhelpful, and rude pharmacy staff that I avoid going to the store. When I confirm prices before delivery, I frequently find mistakes. They somehow keep “forgetting” that I am on a savings plan for 3 months worth of maintenance drugs, although they are looking right at my account. Now when I ask if I have a better price with GoodRx coupons, they are belligerent. Tom threatened that I would experience horrible loss of privacy and be bombarded by advertising if I chose to use a discount drug card. I am transferring my prescriptions elsewhere. I’ve had enough.”

2. Healthxchange Pharmacy (UK) Ltd
Rating: 4.1 (9 reviews)

“The diner at the back: This is the best of America, and so much harder to find these days. Simple food well done at a great price in a super environment. Loved it. So fun.”

“Left my medicine at home for a week-long vacation and was able to have my doctor call it into this pharmacy. They filled it in under half an hour of receiving it. Very convenient, and we were able to buy a couple of things we needed from the store while we waited. Healthxchange Pharmacy employees were nice and very helpful. Great place and great service. I’m glad I went here :)”

3. ViaQX Pharmacy
Rating: 4.2 (31 reviews)

“I love ViaQX and all the people who work there. We have lived in town now for seven years, and from the first time we interacted with their friendly staff, they have made us feel welcome. I love the fact that we shop at a store where the people who work there know my name. I also agree with the first reviewer. This store has everything. There is no need to shop for your sundry items anywhere else in town. Thanks, everyone who works there!”

“There is no other pharmacy in town, as far as I’m concerned. Personalized service that always goes the extra mile for patients. If you ever had to stand forever on a line at Safeway, where they treat you like a number, you’ll love going to Via.”

4. Express Pharmacy
Rating: 3.9 (15 reviews)

“Everyone is always very helpful, friendly, and very fast!! So grateful for their hard work! They usually do a decent job filling prescriptions, and you can get some good sales with effort.”

“Went in Express Pharmacy to get flu shot was told that there was about a 1/2 hour wait. I said no problem after waiting for an hour, two ladies saw each other and started catching up. One asked how long she had been waiting she said 15 minutes and the other said she had just got there. They both got their flu shot before me which was frustrating since I have now been there for over an hour after another 20 minutes go by I finally just say forget it and go to counter to get my insurance card back and the pharmacist says maybe they mispronounced your name my name is very common and I have to say I’ve never had anyone mispronounce it. So I left with the intention of never going back to this location – very POOR customer service.”