London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is delighted to announce they have expanded their art department with the exceedingly talented American wildlife artist Denise Johanson.

Denise’s paintings focus on the authenticity of wildlife art as she believes these beautiful animals have an unspoiled, innate beauty and are true to their instinctual inner nature. For her whole life, she has had a connection for art and wildlife conservation, and this has motivated her to continue sharing her craft with the world.

Her first pieces as part of the John Rigby & Co. team debuted at the Dallas Safari Club convention in Dallas, Texas in January of this year. “The Rising Bite” limited edition canvas print has been signed, stamped and hand varnished by Denise and is only 1 of 25 in the collection. The “.416” is hand-finished and signed canvas giclee depicts two classic icons of Africa – Rigby’s .416 Big Game rifle and Botswana’s Okavango Delta. It is a contemporary and vintage scene, as both have been virtually unchanged for over a century.


Denise and John Rigby & Co. have collaborated to raise funds for wildlife conservation. Rigby have a lengthy heritage of actively supporting wildlife and habitat conservation projects around the world, alongside Denise’s passion and talents, a significant donation from each sale of both of Denise’s creations will be generously donated to the Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation.

Denise commented: “It is an honor and great privilege to be represented by John Rigby & Co. and be among their other accomplished artists. My career as an artist is now bounding with possibilities with the first original rifle painting, “The Rising Bite” residing in the Rigby Museum. This opportunity is the golden nugget every artist dreams of. Thank you, Marc, for making a dream come true.”

Rigby’s managing director, Marc Newton, added: “Denise is a great addition to the Rigby Art department, you can see the passion in her work and that resonates with the team. We share the same compassion in supporting wildlife and habitat conservation projects. We are grateful to be in a position where we can support such causes and truly look forward to working alongside Denise.”

“The Rising Bite” Limited-Edition Print RRP: £1,450

“.416” Limited-Edition Print RRP: £1,450

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