Have you submitted your entry for the Rigby Dagga Boy Award 2025 yet? If not, now is the time to act before it’s too late. London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. proudly announced the return of this prestigious award in 2023, continuing its mission to champion ethical hunting practices and contribute to the conservation of African buffalo populations. With the competition already underway, this serves as a friendly reminder to all passionate African buffalo hunters who haven’t yet submitted their entries to do so promptly.

Eligible buffalo bulls must have been hunted between January 2022 and the end of the 2024 hunting season. Entries will be accepted until Friday 13 December, 2024. Hunters are asked to electronically submit detailed hunt reports and high-quality photos of their dagga boy buffalo to: daggaboy@johnrigbyandco.com.

Remember, only buffalo bulls hunted from self-sustaining herds, using ethical, fair chase, track, walk-and-stalk methods will be considered. Bulls from ranched, captive-bred, artificially managed, handled, sold, or traded populations, regardless of geographical location, size, or fencing will not qualify. The emphasis is placed on ‘old’ and ‘broken-horned’ bulls that have surpassed breeding age, highlighting the commitment to sustainable hunting practices.

The distinguished panel of judges, including veterinarian and author of ‘The Perfect Shot’ Dr. Kevin ‘Doctari’ Robertson, Professional Hunter (PH) Robin Hurt, PH Buzz Charlton, and Rigby’s managing director, Marc Newton, will evaluate all entries. Each will individually assess the difficulty of the hunt and the age of the buffalo to determine the winner.

The grand prize for the winner of the Rigby Dagga Boy Award is a Rigby .416 Big Game rifle, while the PH who guided the winning hunt will receive a Rigby .450 PH rifle. The winner will be announced on the Rigby booth during the 2025 Dallas Safari Club Convention.

Ensure your entry stands out by providing high-quality photos of yourself with your buffalo, along with detailed images of the buffalo’s ears, teeth, and body. Additionally, include the name and contact details of the Professional Hunter and outfitter, accompanied by a captivating narrative of the hunt. The hunt’s narrative will be an integral part of the application and judging process.

Entrants consent to the use of their photos and stories to be printed in magazine, book and online format. Winners agree not to sell their prizes and to use them for their intended purpose.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to showcase your passion for hunting and contribute to buffalo conservation. Submit your entry for the Rigby Dagga Boy Award 2025 today.

For more information, including submission guidelines, please click here. 

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