The Talla Des Man-Eater Limited Edition Print

The story of Talla Des Man Eater from Jim Corbett’s book “The Temple Tiger and More Man Eaters of  Kumaon” tells  an extraordinary tale of perseverance and bravery. Corbett was at the time, suffering from a severe infection to his ear. Even though his hearing and sight were impaired, he continued to hunt the tigress after only, initially wounding her on his first encounter. It took six shots from his .275 Rigby rifle, over a period of five days before the man-eater that was recorded to have killed 150 people, was eventually killed in 1929. Due to the mountainous terrain, his hunt could be observed by the local villagers, who on occasion were able to direct him and assist him from their observation posts, while he followed the wounded tigress. This print is from the original oil painting on canvas sized 30” x 40”. It is titled “I Saw Movement a Yard From the Path on the right” by Wildlife Artist , David Southgate”.

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