Rigby Leather Coffee Bar

Elevate your coffee experience with the Rigby Leather Coffee Bar, handcrafted by Els & Co. fine leather craftsmen in South Africa. This portable coffee bar is made from a durable tan leather, complimented by striking yellow hand-stitching and is blind-embossed with the iconic Rigby ‘double R’ logo.

Designed for coffee enthusiasts, the coffee bar features designated spaces for all your brewing essentials. Included are six handcrafted ceramic mugs, a 1,900ml Stanley coffee flask, a double-walled French press, small glass jars, a 500ml milk jar, a 2,000ml glass rusk jar, and a solid wood chopping board—all which perfectly fit into the internal compartments. The hand-painted ceramic cups bear a unique design crafted exclusively for Els & Co., adding an extra touch of charm.

With an adjustable cotton canvas strap, this coffee bar is the perfect companion for post-hunt coffee indulgence—a truly portable luxury for the discerning adventurer.

£ 1,200.00

In stock

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