Rigby ‘Double R’ Logo Tumbler Cup

Enjoy your favourite tipple in this timeless Rigby ‘Double R’ Logo Tumbler Cup which is designed to nestle perfectly in your palm. Handcrafted from solid sterling silver, it proudly displays our newly registered Rigby maker’s mark, alongside the London hallmark.

The translucent blue enamel reveals a fine engine-turned pattern, reminiscent of the exquisite chequering on a Rigby gun stock. This intricate design provides a beautiful backdrop for the iconic Rigby ‘double R’ logo, adding a touch of sophistication to your barware collection.

Presented in a Rigby blue box, this tumbler is a statement of elegance. Note that hand washing is recommended to maintain its pristine beauty. Elevate your drinking experience and honour Rigby’s legacy with every sip.

£ 3,840.00

In stock

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