Rigby Burgundy Shotgun Cleaning Case

A beautiful addition to any gun room. This classic shotgun cleaning case is made with the finest walnut and finished with elegant brass fixings. This kit is perfect for helping maintain the performance of your shotgun.

Suitable for .410, 28-bore, 20-bore, 16-bore and 12-bore.

The Rigby Shotgun Cleaning Case includes:

  • Deluxe wooden box
  • Burgundy┬ábaize lining
  • .410, 28, 20, 16 and 12 bore snap caps
  • Phosphor bronze brush that fits all the above bores
  • Three cleaning rods that fit all chamber brushes
  • Brass jag
  • Rigby pattern turnscrew
  • Rigby selvyt cleaning cloth

Made to order. To enquire, email tony@johnrigbyandco.com.

£ 6,000.00

In stock

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