“The road to carnage” Limited edition fine art print

Wild dog fine art print (1 of 25)

Rigby engraver and artist, Geoffrey Lignon’s inspiration for this striking depiction of an African wild dog was brutality: “Nature is filled with brutality; it reminds us how the world works outside our insulated human bubbles,” he explains. “It’s there so clearly in the contrast between the superficial beauty of wild dogs and the carnage they wreak on their prey. Nature has always been this way and always will be.” Through the careful study of numerous photographic images, Geoffrey has captured the wild dog in its true form, conveying the tension between its physical elegance and cold-blooded killer’s instinct.

Measuring 210 x 594 mm, it is available to purchase as a limited edition giclée print, stamped with Rigby’s famous ‘double R’ logo and personally signed and numbered by the artist. 

Certificate of authenticity provided.

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