“The lone prince” Original and fine art prints

Leopard framed original (1 of 1) and fine art prints (1 of 25)

Rigby’s in-house engraver and artist, Geoffrey Lignon, describes ‘The lone prince’ as “a tribute to the strength of the leopard who must fight, hunt, and survive alone.” Adding, “as one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, leopards live a mostly solitary life, facing the harsh realities of other predators like lions, hyenas, wild dogs, and even other leopards, on their own. The lone prince will carry its scars and the weight of solitary life into the shadows, where it hides waiting for prey that will allow it to survive another day.”

Measuring 1,189 x 280 mm it is available to purchase as a framed original or limited edition Fotospeed HWS 225gsm print. The prints features a 2 mm white border on each side, with a 7 mm white border at the bottom, where the drawing is relief stamped with Rigby’s iconic ‘double R’ logo and personally signed and numbered by the artist.

The original artwork comes framed in a luxurious navy wood and resin frame, complimented by enhancing gold lines on the inner and outer edges of the frame.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

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