“Effortless” Original and fine art prints

Tigress framed original (1 of 1) and fine art print (1 of 100)

Titled ‘Effortless’, this stunning work by Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon emphasises the natural beauty and charisma of one of the most powerful and fascinating big cats. The artist has cleverly captured how effortless it would be for the tiger to subjugate any creature that falls under its hypnotic spell,  explaining, “It’s easy to admire, but equally easy for it to kill you.”

Geoffrey’s technique for creating this artwork is unique, using a black board and a white gel pen, with three black pencils to draw the animal, saying it wasn’t a technique he had seen before, but it provided striking results.

Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist. As with all Rigby Art, the buyer’s name will be entered into Rigby’s historic ledgers for posterity, just as they would if buying a gun.

The original comes framed in a luxurious navy wood and resin frame, complimented by enhancing gold lines on the inner and outer edges of the frame.

Certificate of authenticity provided.

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