“Man’s best friend” Dog portrait commissions

Immortalise your trusty hunting companion for years to come with a specially commissioned pencil portrait by Rigby artist and engraver Geoffrey Lignon.

Just like each piece of Rigby Art to leave the Pensbury Place showroom, it will be stamped and hand-signed by the artist, plus entered into the historic Rigby ledger books and preserved for posterity.

To book a portrait Geoffrey requires a full focus, high resolution image of the dog, preferably taken outdoors or in a studio setting, which is well lit to see contrast and pick out detail.

Each portrait will be completed in full colour and taken from the shoulders up. Sizing for a single portrait is 9”x12” and for a double portrait (two dogs pictured together) 14”x17”.

By registering your interest below, the artist will assist you in selecting the most suitable image, advise on a timescale for completing the portrait and before the art piece is signed off, he will get in touch to ensure you are happy with the final piece before arranging postage.

£500 for single portrait / £750 for double portrait

To register your interest, email: geoffrey@johnrigbyandco.com


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