Exquisitely handcrafted in the UK by Traditional English Guncases (TEG) London, from the finest English leather and luxurious walnut, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co.’s new cartridge magazine is a superb way to discreetly transport your cartridges.

Fashioned in timeless style, this bespoke cartridge case features reinforced brass embellishments on each corner, a sturdy carry handle, twin buckle fastening and is covered with durable dark brown leather. Contrasting hand-stitched yellow thread work offers a pleasing aesthetic, while all the cartridges inside are secured by a brass lock and key.

Designed to house 250 loose shells from front to back in its five walnut partitions, each division is fitted with adjoining leather lifters for added convenience. The luxurious rich, red baize-lined lid is adorned with a traditional company leather case label, blind embossed with the Rigby seal logo, company name and address.

Magnificently crafted and expertly fashioned, these beautiful magazine cases will last generations with duteous care.

Please note this product is made to order. To enquire, email: tony@johnrigbyandco.com

£3,600, plus P&P.

To learn more, CLICK HERE.

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