London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has unveiled a new protective cover to keep its Rigby Pattern Americase clean and secure when travelling.

Complimenting the high quality Rigby rifle inside, the robust and stylish Americase Cover fits perfectly around the traditional Rigby Pattern Americase, which is designed to fit your Rigby rifle and accessories hand-in-glove.

Made from strong hardwearing Rigby blue nylon, the Americase Cover features the iconic ‘Double R’ logo stitched onto the front. Designed for airline travel, its sturdy black nylon carry handles provide strength and support.

A heavy duty zip going over the top and down the sides makes it easy to get the Americase in and out without hassle. Completing the look, a velcro pocket on the front of the cover is handy for easy access storage when carrying your gun from one place to another.

Marc Newton, Rigby’s managing director, commented: “The new Rigby Americase Cover provides high-class protection for a high-class product. When travelling, it’s important to have the reassurance that your gun is as safe as possible.”

RRP £195 inc. VAT, plus P&P.

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