Modelled on the late Victorian Farquharson rifles, London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has just launched their first 10 new limited edition Rigby Falling Block rifles. After three years in the making, the rifle is built around a true Farquharson action, identical to the original patented John Farquharson design of 1875 and a strong match to the historic Rigby-made Farquharson rifles in the company’s historic ledger books.

Chambered in .416 Rigby No. 2, the rifle features a single trigger and top safety, with a 25-inch lightweight barrel – as per Rigby pre-war standards – with an integral rib and traditional London Best black finish. The rifle benefits from a standard front foresight with protective hood and rear sights regulated at 65 yards, with two folding leaf sights regulated at 150 and 250 yards.

Bespoke to the customer, the stock is built to client specifications and is modelled from hand-selected, grade seven deluxe Turkish walnut, finished with Rigby’s signature oil finish and a one-inch rubber recoil pad. Shaped with a classic pistol grip, with a cap box housing a spare front sight, the grip cap trap features a bespoke blue enamelled plate with serial number, created by Melissa Rigby, the great-great-great granddaughter of Rigby’s founder, John Rigby.

Finished with traditional Rigby “Rose & Scroll” pattern engravings on the action, with a case colour hardened finish as standard, customers also have the option to upgrade to bespoke engraving patterns of any design. A silver oval is also inlayed into the stock to add the client’s initials or crest.

RRP £39,950 (Export)

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  1. If I miss the chance to order one of the original ten. Will there be an opportunity to order a falling block rifle in the near future?

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