London gunmaker John Rigby & Co.’s art department, Rigby Art proudly introduces a captivating addition to its prestigious collection with “Power is power,” a limited edition fine art print crafted by renowned Rigby artist and engraver, Geoffrey Lignon.

In this exclusive series, Lignon masterfully captures the inherent majesty of the African lion. Limited to just 40 prints, each edition stands as a testament to the untamed magnificence that evokes profound respect and admiration for the lion.

The artwork transcends mere aesthetics, embodying the silent confidence of the lion—a creature exuding strength without the need for ostentation. “Power is power” celebrates the lion’s remarkable ability to effortlessly command attention, even formidable creatures like Cape buffalo and elephants, solely through its presence.

Lignon employs a unique artistic technique, drawing against a black board with a white gel pen and pencils, skilfully bringing the lion to life with remarkable precision. The giclée fine art print is available in two sizes – 15 copies sized at A0 and 25 copies sized at A1.

Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist, before being relief stamped with the Rigby logo. Additionally, each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, with the buyer’s name being entered into the hallowed Rigby ledger books.

Guided by a profound respect for the wild, Lignon’s creation emphasises the primal fear and survival instinct stirred by the lion’s gaze. In the words of the artist: “To understand this drawing, you must know lions, for it goes beyond merely seeing a lion striding. It encapsulates everything else lions can do, reminding us of their magnificence and the respect they deserve.”

Available to purchase from the Rigby Shikar Store, each A0 print is priced at £1,375 and A1 prints at £485.

For more information, please CLICK HERE.

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