London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is proud to announce the launch of their latest venture: The Rigby Campfire Podcast. This captivating podcast offers listeners an exclusive invitation into the heart of Rigby, where the art of Best gunmaking and the passion for hunting converge in a rich and engaging audio-visual experience.

Hosted by Marc Newton, managing director of Rigby, The Rigby Campfire Podcast will release one episode per month and promises to take its audience on a journey through the world of fine gunmaking, hunting, and adventure. Each episode will feature engaging conversations with luminaries, experts, and adventurers who have made significant contributions to the realms of Best gunmaking and hunting.

In the inaugural episode which is just under 40-minutes long, Marc Newton engages in conversation with legendary Zimbabwean Professional Hunter (PH), Buzz Charlton. Listeners can delve into Buzz’s hunting journey, his significant contributions to African conservation, and his dedication to ethical, fair chase hunting. The episode also highlights Buzz’s efforts in combatting poaching through the Dandy Anti-Poaching Unit in Zimbabwe, illustrating how hunting dollars actively support conservation and local communities.

Host of the podcast, Marc Newton remarked: “The Rigby Campfire Podcast is our way of sharing the passion and knowledge that has been at the core of John Rigby & Co. for centuries. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with our audience, guiding them through the world of ethical hunting, conservation, and the allure of untamed wilderness.”

The Rigby Campfire Podcast’s first episode is now live and available for streaming. Join us on this remarkable journey by visiting The Rigby Campfire Podcast on Spotify, by CLICKING HERE.

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