Press Release – 20 February 2018

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has recently launched their new web-based Campfire blog for like-minded Ladies and Gentlemen of Adventure to share their stories of hunting, travel and tales of derring-do from around the world.

Rigby believes no story, adventure or anecdote is better shared than around the campfire, with a Rigby gin or whisky in hand. Fables of ones that got away, near misses and memories from the field are in their opinion the very things that bond us as an international sporting community.

Each month, readers can become engrossed in the latest stories from some of the world’s most seasoned and interesting hunters, explorers and adventurers. Read their accounts of hunting whitetail deer in Texas, Cape buffalo in South Africa to red stag stalking in the Scottish Highlands, of course with Rigby rifle in hand. Follow in the footsteps of Rigby’s famous explorers and envisage yourself as the Jim Corbett or Karamojo Bell of today.

Marc Newton, the managing director of Rigby commented: “We are delighted to launch our new initiative, the Rigby Campfire blog. The pinnacle of any great hunt is the stories shared around the campfire with your fellow hunters. These great stories are often lost or forgotten, so this is our way to pay homage to these great tales of adventure.”

A high res image can be found here:

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