London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. has released two new gun care accessories – horn snapping blocks and boiling out funnels – to help keep your Rigby in top condition and stand the test of time.

The new Rigby Horn Snapping Blocks are designed for decompressing the mainspring on your double rifle or shotgun, releasing pressure and aiding its longevity. To use, simply hold the snapping block next to the face of the action and pull the trigger to engage the mechanism, thus de-cocking the mainspring.

Rigby’s new Boiling Out Funnels are specially devised for pouring fluids, usually boiling water from the chamber end of your rifle down the barrel, to flush out corrosive residues left by cordite propellants and mercuric primers. Crafted from brass and available in three size configurations, each funnel is engraved with the Rigby name.

Marc Newton, managing director of Rigby, commented: “At Rigby, we are devoted to creating guns to be enjoyed not only a lifetime, but to be passed from generation to generation. With this in mind, we have decided to expand our gun care accessory line, so Rigby users worldwide, will have access to the right tools to help keep their guns in top condition between servicing.”

Horn Snapping Blocks RRP (incl. VAT): £90 plus P&P

Brass Boiling Out Funnels RRP (incl. VAT): £200 plus P&P


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