John Rigby & Co (Gunmakers) Ltd, London, England

Repatriated to the UK after a 15-year absence, John Rigby & Co. (Gunmakers) Ltd invites you to visit its new premises in London. Now part of the Mauser/Blaser group and operating under the direction of Marc Newton and Patricia Pugh, the company is flourishing as it carries out the business of making, servicing and renovating fine rifles and guns. In addition, the showroom is home to the Rigby collection of vintage guns and memorabilia and 82 ledgers with entries dating to 1798.


The Rigby Heritage

Established c. 1775, John Rigby & Co. (Gunmakers) Ltd is the third-oldest gunmaking company in the world. With its reputation built on dueling pistols, fowling pieces, blunderbusses, long-distance match rifles, and double and magazine rifles and cartridges that became international icons, the Rigby name is synonymous ​with big-game hunting and fine and collectable firearms.

The company’s historic improvements to guns, rifles and cartridges have had a strong influence on shooting across the globe, and especially on hunting in India and Africa. Of particular note is the relationship between Rigby and Mauser, which led to one of the most successful magazine rifle designs in history, the Magnum Mauser action. Today, more than a century later, Rigby is proud to be collaborating once more with Mauser in building new Rigby hunting rifles.


The Rigby Workshop

As one of the last places in London where guns are “made out back and sold out front”, we are proud of our team of craftsmen, each of whom has worked his way through the ranks from apprentice to accredited master gunmaker. Several members of our team trained at Rigby, when the company was originally in London, and now have 30 years of experience at the bench. Whether having a London Best rifle made to order or an annual strip-and-clean done, the Rigby craftsmen’s attention to detail ensures that you will receive great service.



Please visit our showroom and workshop, 9:30AM – 6:00PM, Monday through Friday.








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